An/Other Frameworks @ REBOOT (Nieuwe Instituut)

LocationDe Nieuwe Instituut
  • Aymeric Mansoux
  • Affiliated research project

  • The opening day of the REBOOT exhibition on 7 October 2023 at Nieuwe Instituut examined the value of looking to the past in digital culture for future generations, taking a closer look at the themes of the exhibition, and taking stock of urgent issues facing digital makers and artists today.

    The programme An/Other Frameworks@REBOOT on 7 October 2023 expanded on the themes of the exhibition, and aimed to take stock of urgent themes facing digital makers and artists. Leading researchers Aymeric Mansoux and Ramon Amaro reflected on two issues: the climate crisis as an urgency to respond to in digital culture (permacomputing) and the inclusion of more diverse and alternative voices in computing as one of the key themes of Nieuwe Instituut’s new testing ground -1.


    Speakers: Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, Sanneke Huisman, Aymeric Mansoux, Ramon Amaro. Moderator: Shailoh Philips.

    About the exhibition

    The REBOOT exhibition, Pioneering Digital Art can be seen at the Nieuwe Instituut from 7 October 2023 to 1 April 2024. It is organised by Nieuwe Instituut and LI-MA, and presents a series of works made in the early days of the Internet and digital art that raises questions about societal values and embraces radical possibilities of computer and network technology. In addition to experimenting with new technology as such, artists have continued to challenge the conditions of a system in which those technologies function. In doing so, they have built upon the legacy of those early, pioneering works.

    REBOOT explores the impact of digital technology on art and society. Key works by artists such as Edward Ihnatowicz, Dick Raaijmakers, Driessens & Verstappen, and Debra Solomon also serve as inspiration for new works by VR artist Ali Eslami, writer Swendeline Ersilia, artist Jonas Lund, Play the City and many more.

    REBOOT. Pieter Luining, Clickclub. Photo Pieter Kers