Slow Reading Group

SLOW READERS are collectively pulled and guided by the negotiation of individual interests, fascinations, and disciplinary backgrounds.

Promiscuous Care Study Group

The Promiscuous Care Study Group emerged from the need to build up learning communities where we might recognize the abundance of working together in difference.

The Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab (RASL) is a unique collaboration between Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Willem de Kooning Academy-Piet Zwart Institute (Media, Arts, Design, Leisure), and Codarts University of the Arts (Music, Dance, and Circus Arts).

These partners are committed to innovative forms of transdisciplinary education and research beyond the disciplinary boundaries of the arts (fine arts, performance arts, design) and sciences (humanities, social sciences, life sciences).

RASL aims at an equal cross-pollination between the arts and sciences in order to address and redefine societal issues. RASL draws inspiration from and is rooted in a compositional approach in which we assemble heterogeneous elements in thriving compositions in order to ‘compose’ (Bruno Latour, 2010) and ‘compost’ (Donna Haraway, 2015) sustainable infrastructures. 

RASL’s core belief that transdisciplinary compositions in the arts, sciences, and technology can create positive societal impacts underlies its education and research programmes. RASL currently facilitates the Double Degree Bachelor Programme and a transdisciplinary Minor (30 EC) for students enrolled in the three partner institutions. The RASL Minor “Re-imagining tomorrow through Arts and Sciences” was awarded a Dutch Higher Education Premium in March 2021. RASL’s Bachelor programs and ongoing research initiatives have been supported and secured by prestigious external grants and partnerships.  

The forthcoming RASL Master program “Delta Studies: Transformative Research and Practice through the Arts and Sciences” builds on and extends RASL’s innovative educational mission into second cycle education and research through a fully integrated HBO-WO Master program. The RASL Master is responsible for Transdisciplinary Summer Studios at Zuid Boijmans van Beuningen, which teams participants with local societal partners to research on themes of health, equity, and the environment. Guided by associates of the RASL consortium, the annual Transdisciplinary Summer Studio participants are offered space, time, examples, insights, and tools they need to develop a collaborative approach to transdisciplinary research, practice, and reflection. 

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Renée Turner 

Senior Lecturer and PhD Candidate

Vivian Sky Rehberg 

Senior Lecturer