Developing FIELDLABS

Living Stations

Affiliated research project

    June 2022 

    The Fieldlab is and educational program within the Living Station (link website:, which takes place on a specific location. 

    The specific context itself, the experts connected to this location and the stakeholders at hand provide specific input, in this case ‘the Maas waters’. Through experimentation and research on site; dealing with the topic ‘matter’ at hand,  students got to know the challenges of this ‘local’ setting. This hybrid and cross-pollinating approach will allow for all current and future stakeholders to connect remotely and reflect on common issues both intimately and globally. One of the Fieldlab goals is to translate global complex issues into tangible local challenges. 

    The Water FIELDLAB – Maas Edition took place in June 2022 on specific location in Rotterdam – the waterways around the Willem de Kooning Academy: Leuvehaven, Bierhaven, Rederijhaven, Scheepmakershaven, Wijnhaven, Oude Haven, Haringvliet, Boerengat, and Buizengat.  

    The assignment for the students was to bring awareness, care to the river, and think about how to transform the way we interact with it?  

    In the first day we had four boats to explore the waterways around WDKA in a 5-hour boat trip. 

    Here you see artist Mark IJzerman (link: who was doing field recordings with students 

    We gave the student a floating journal, 

    To make notes and find there way on the water 

    We gave the students all kinds of research tools and we asked them to collect water samples 

    The whole river became a research environment and was an introduction to Nature Inclusive Design, zooming in and out, from micro to macro.   

    The next day the students took water samples and placed them on the map. 

    We exchanged all the documentation and shared experiences 

    They did all kind of strange discoveries and started working from the material they collected on the boat. 

    During the week they were introduced in the micro organisms living in the water. 

    And they got a lecture about by researcher and environmental lawyer Jessica den Outer, who explained about the rights of nature with focus in the Maas River, 

    Later in the week we visited the New Instituut and Klaas Kuitenbrouwer gave a lecture about the ZOOP ( 

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    Dissemblage.Making Multiplicity, not Identities 06.12.2023

    Members of the Promiscuous Care Study Group and the Erasmus School of Philosophy in conversation with Gerald Raunig (Zurich University of the Arts). 

    12/06/2023 // 17:00

    Talk and Screening – with Dora Garcia -06-12-2023

    A screening and Q&A with filmmaker Dora Garcia in the Cinema viewing room. at 17:00 on 6 December.

    The Q&A is at 18:45.

    12/06/2023 // 17:00

    Book presentation: Lumbung, commons and Community Art – 25-11-2023

    This event celebrates the publication ‘Lumbung, Commons & Community Art: a conversation on behind the scenes of documenta fifteen’ with Florian Cramer and Simon Kentgens, and introduces HumDrumPress and its commons-based publishing model and project, to the world.

    11/25/2023 // 16:00

    Workshop: How to Counter-map Autonomy and Self-organization -Iconoclasistas & WdKA Autonomy – Lab 16-11-23

    On the 16th of November, Research Center WdKA’s Autonomy Lab and Roodkapje carry out a ‘counter-mapping’ workshop, under the guidance of the Argentinian researcher/designer/activist duo, Iconoclasistas. Iconoclasistas are participating via teleconferencing. Participation is free and open to anyone.

    11/16/2023 // 12:00