How to Continue Self-Organization – prep workshops

Papaya Kuir workshop

  • Arvand Pourabbasi
  • Florian Cramer
  • Santiago Pinyol
  • Weronika Zielińska-Klein
  • Affiliated research project
  • Autonomy Lab

  • A series of workshops in preparation of the 25th April symposium How to continue self-organization?, for WdKA students and teachers.

    Papaya Kuir, location: Gymzaal Wijnhaven, 10.30-13.30
    “We are a lesbo-transfeminist collective created by and for Latin American migrants and refugees residing in the Netherlands and the larger community interested in our struggle. Our work pillars are: advocacy, emergency support, community building. Papaya Kuir aims to highlight the precarious realities of Trans and Queer Latinx asylum seekers, who don’t manage to obtain refugee statuses because of the Dutch immigration refusal to acknowledge that our lives are endangered in our countries of origin, as well as inform society of the dangerous realities we and our communities are confronted with back in our countries.”

    NON NATIVE NATIVE & Soupspoon Collective
    location: WdKA Haven, WH.2.151, 14.00-16.30

    Both Non Native Native and Soupspoon are interested in the space created by self-organizing, yet diving into collective practice requires a constant juggle of commitments and learning. Whether functioning as a platform or an artist collective, the ongoing reflection of “why and how we come together” is a shared meeting point, that intertwines with friendship, joy, and care, as well as the struggles and limitations of an individualist society not yet knowing how or wanting to deal with collectives.

    KraakSpreekUur (Squatting Info Hours) Rotterdam
    Location: Blaak 2.5, 14.30-15.30

    followed by Marking Gentrification Bike Tour
    Organized by Tomi Hilsee/Doe-het-zelf Werkplaats
    Departure from Blaak 2.5, 15.30-17.30

    KraakSpreekUur 010 (Squatting information hour Rotterdam) will help you to realise your wildest squatting dreams. If you look around the city you’ll see many empty vacancies. They could be yours! We’ll help you think of ways to break and enter through loopholes in the law. We are NOT an anti-squat corporation. We are NOT a corporation or secret society. We MIGHT be ANTIFA. But really we are just a bunch of freaks who like to have a roof over our heads. And if we can’t have it, then we’re taking it.

    The ‘Doe-Het-Zelf Werkplaats’ is a free-to-use, collectively run workshop space and community garden in Rotterdam Noord operated by volunteers. Visitors to the workshop come to fix their own bikes with tools and spare parts that have been donated. Centered around Learning Together and anti-judgement, previous knowledge of bikes or tools are not at all necessary and the volunteers are always there to work together with visitors; building new relations by sharing in problem solving, reciprocal generosity and mutual empowerment.