Reassemble Lab 5: Practising Permacomputing 13-10-23 – 02-12-23

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LocationFIBER Tolhuisweg 2 1031 CL Amsterdam (NL)
  • Aymeric Mansoux
  • Affiliated research project
  • Permacomputing in the Arts

  • Reusing Technologies For Digital Resilience

    October – December 2023, Amsterdam

    The Research Center is pleased to take part in the programme Reassemble Lab 5: Practising Permacomputing, taking place through October to the 2nd December, 2023, in Amsterdam. This programme will constitute a series of Workshop Series & Lectures.

    Practising Permacomputing is a collaboration between FIBER (, the permacomputing community ( and the WDKA Research Center.

    Together, the partners launch an investigation into the future applications of permacomputing; a practice oriented around issues of resilience and regenerativity in computer and network technology, and inspired by the agricultural philosophy of permaculture.

    Permacomputing asks the question: can there be a place for computer and network technology in a world where humans contribute to the well-being of the biosphere? And how can we change our behaviour, when the excessive use of technology has become a central feature of our day-to-day life? 

    The programme consists of three workshops, interviews and a closing symposium, exploring an alternative path towards more balanced and sustainable digital futures.


    Three conceptually connected workshops offer participants the space to explore an alternative path to a more balanced and sustainable digital future. All workshops exchange knowledge and encourage resilience in our digital landscape. Learn how to reuse ‘obsolete’ computers and devices as DIY servers, explore what’s behind the walls of a data centre and connect plants and electronics. The workshops welcome a diverse audience, from beginners to experts, interested in learning skills and contributing to a permacomputing way of life.

    Workshop 1 – The Cloud is Just my Old Computer: Creating a Permacomputing Server

    13th & 14th October, Amsterdam. By Aymeric Mansoux & Lukas Engelhardt.

    Bring your old computer and learn how to turn your antique hardware into a functional server which can act as your personal cloud and storage space.

    Workshop 2 – Imagination Above Productivity: Resurfacing & Scaling the Digital Ecosystem Around Us

    17th & 18th November, Amsterdam. By Ola Bonati, a.o.

    Join FIBER on a data walk to the Amsterdam Science Park, where you will learn the contrast between the infrastructure of a data centre and its surroundings. Collect, share and explore new tools and methods to stimulate collective imagination beyond productivity quotas.

    Workshop 3 – Networking with Nature: Connecting Plants and Second-hand Electronics

    30th November & 1st December, Amsterdam. By Michal Klodner & Brendan Howell.

    What if we build a network allowing us to communicate with the plants in our immediate environment? In this two-day workshop, participants work together to build a small cybernetic system that connects plants, people and electronics.

    Lectures & Symposium

    2nd December.

    As part of the workshop series, Practising Permacomputing, FIBER organises a public programme which takes shape as a concluding day with public presentations with guests. On Saturday 2 December (location TBC), speakers and workshop hosts reflect upon permacomputing and share the outcomes of the workshop series. Together we work on strategies and partnerships to further develop the practice of permacomputing within the arts, creative sector and education.

    Full details of the activities for Reassemble Lab 5 can be found on the FIBER website. (Reassemble Lab 5: Practising Permacomputing – FIBER (


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