Rethinking Publicness – Today and Tomorrow 

Social Practices

LocationGöteborgs Konsthall
  • Michelle Teran
  • Affiliated research project

  • Rethinking Publicness – today and tomorrow explores the meaning of publicness and what this concept entails from the perspective of art. Göteborgs Konsthall, HDK-Valand, and Gibca have jointly invited a number of internationally practicing artists to share their experiences of working under conditions that have a critical impact on artistic creativity and participation. The artists talk about different methods of doing and thinking during the pandemic and reflect on what the encounter between art and audience can entail in the future. 

    Over the past year, all institutions and professionally active artists have directly or indirectly had to consider how to deal with publicness. This event is an opportunity to address the issue openly, generously and speculatively together. The program presents a variety of contemporary definitions of publicness; what it can be, what it is now, and possible common futures for institutions, artists, students, participants, audiences and the general public. 

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    Keynote speaker: Michelle Teran. Participating artists: FRAUD, Jonas Staal.  

    The discussion is facilitated by Dr. Viviana Checchia, senior lecturer, Fine Art at HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design. 

    This is a digital event on zoom and will be in English. 

    13-13.15 Welcome speech by Stina Edblom, Artistic leader Göteborgs Konsthall, and moderator Viviana Checchia gives a short introduction to the program 
    13.15-13.50 Keynote Michelle Teran 
    13.50-14 Break 
    14-14.30 FRAUD presentation 
    14.30-14.55 Jonas Staal presentation 
    14.55-15.10 Break 
    15.10-16 Moderated panel discussion/ Q&A with integrated conclusions by Michelle Teran 


    Dissemblage.Making Multiplicity, not Identities 06.12.2023

    Members of the Promiscuous Care Study Group and the Erasmus School of Philosophy in conversation with Gerald Raunig (Zurich University of the Arts). 

    12/06/2023 // 17:00

    Talk and Screening – with Dora Garcia -06-12-2023

    A screening and Q&A with filmmaker Dora Garcia in the Cinema viewing room. at 17:00 on 6 December.

    The Q&A is at 18:45.

    12/06/2023 // 17:00

    Book presentation: Lumbung, commons and Community Art – 25-11-2023

    This event celebrates the publication ‘Lumbung, Commons & Community Art: a conversation on behind the scenes of documenta fifteen’ with Florian Cramer and Simon Kentgens, and introduces HumDrumPress and its commons-based publishing model and project, to the world.

    11/25/2023 // 16:00

    Workshop: How to Counter-map Autonomy and Self-organization -Iconoclasistas & WdKA Autonomy – Lab 16-11-23

    On the 16th of November, Research Center WdKA’s Autonomy Lab and Roodkapje carry out a ‘counter-mapping’ workshop, under the guidance of the Argentinian researcher/designer/activist duo, Iconoclasistas. Iconoclasistas are participating via teleconferencing. Participation is free and open to anyone.

    11/16/2023 // 12:00