RPZ: Role-Playing Zines

LocationZine Camp 2022 @ Worm
  • Lídia Pereira
  • Affiliated research project
  • Storming the Gamergate

  • with: Kendal Beynon and Lídia Pereira

    Videogames create worlds. Often, those worlds mirror our own, reproducing certain ideals and values as norm through their narrative, game play, design, etc. This workshop invites participants to critically consider those worlds, identifying the key points and elements through which specific videogames circulate political, cultural and social values. How do the games we play every day vehiculate ideology? Using this knowledge, participants are then invited to intervene upon these game worlds by adopting the perspective of a character.

    Departing from this understanding of the avatar as an extension of self who is directly implicated in the course of events, this workshop proposes the development of an alternative play (in both senses of the word) which uses the original text to reconstruct these worlds or reveal crucial aspects which might be hiding in plain sight. At the end of the workshop, participants will have created stage/screenplays with their interventions upon these universes and are welcome to enact them, performing the world which they modified: a play of players.