Traces Of Power- Talk – 07.03.24

Locationde Willem” (Wijnhaven 61, 1st floor)
  • Aymeric Mansoux
  • Affiliated research project

  • Thursday March 7 16:00-18:00. At “de Willem” (Wijnhaven 61, 1st floor)

    “Hello, how can I help you?”

    Nested deep inside your favourite connected service, is a hidden architectural circuitry of traces and components carrying and manipulating electrical signals at will, and in apparent infinite capacity. In fact, this concealed medium is part of an increasingly complex global and networked assemblage of computational power which depends on vast and harmful extractive supply chains, energy grids, network infrastructure and politics that seem to favour the proliferation of the data centre industrial complex at any cost.

    At times where it is becoming urgent to understand at long last the materiality and energy usage of the digital, we’ve asked Benjamin Czaja, Vesna Manojlovic, and Marloes de Valk to help us follow these traces of power, and share with us some of the insights needed if we really want to rethink the role and environmental impact of computation in tomorrow’s (dis-)connected worlds.

    Join us for an afternoon of insights and discussion.
    Read more about the event and talks here :

    Traces of Power is organised by the permacomputing evenings, with support from SURF, RIPE NCC, KC WdKA, an unsustainable research group, and Regieorgaan SIA.