Brigit Lichtenegger

Brigit Lichtenegger is a media artist and software engineer, interested in the relationships and interactions between science, technology and art. She is currently employed by the Willem de Kooning Academy, where she teaches and manages its “Interaction Station”, a meeting place that offers programs and facilities for people who like to experiment with new tools, technologies and hardware, taking a critical eye to developing technologies and seeing how they can be appropriated for creative uses.  

Brigit is currently researching the relevance and potential of Virtual Reality (VR) within Art Education. This includes VR as a medium of publication for (Interactive) Experiences,  e.g. games, storytelling, 360 degree video, education, medical applications, simulation, and events, but also VR as interface, meaning the potential of new Creative tools in virtual Reality, e.g. Quill, Tiltbrush, AnimVR etc. 

With this research Brigit aims to share knowledge and ideas about the medium within our learning community, and have the results inform the resources and facilities of the Willem de Kooning Academy.