Carmen José

Carmen José is an illustrator/visual artist, facilitator/educator and activist interested in questioning the reproduction of visual stereotypes, with focus on embodied processes. In her work she aims to facilitate spaces for dialogue and coming together.

Carmen José (1991 Spain) is a visual artist and visual educator with a MA at the Kunsthochschule Kassel (Germany) in Visual Communication with focus on Illustration and editorial Design. In 2014 she initiate together with Kathi Seemann the project Papiercafé, a multifunctional collective space for Self-publishing & Café. She joined the independent publishing house Rotopol as co-publisher and author in 2016. A year later in 2017, she worked as part of the Aneducation team of documenta14 in Kassel and Athens (Greece). In October 2018 she moved to Rotterdam (Netherlands) for an artist residency at BAD Foundation and later on at NAC Foundation in the Wielewaal where she worked on a experimental research around critical thinking in visual education thanks to the research grant O&O from CBK Rotterdam. In July 2020 she initiated together with Kamiel Verschuren (NAC) the Growing Space in the Wielewaal neighbourhood of Rotterdam. A proposal for a social and cultural place from and for neighbours and artists in the form of a greenhouse to visit from outside 24/7 and keep safe distance for covid while redistributing cultural funding during times of lockdown. Since January 2021 she is a teacher and researcher in the Illustration and Social Practice departments at WDKA Art University in Rotterdam.