Harma Staal

Harma Staal • Teacher Master Design & Design Researcher

Information, in whatever shape, will always be an element in the work of designers and artists. Be it present in the work itself, or in the communication that is needed to position the work(s) in relevant networks and media.
In my work as  graphic designer and design research educator information plays a central role. I look for structures in complex textual and visual information and translate it into editorial design that is understood by its reader and viewer. Being an educator, I act as a designer. I design curricula, courses and material that help a students in doing research, in making and reporting about it.

In the Research Station I am available to coach and teach research. I bring in experience and methods on documenting, storytelling, and positioning. Participants (i.g. a relevant group of users, readers, citizens, co-designers, experts, etc) who are usually involved in research are always present in my research education. They provide insights, opportunities to collaborate, or a focus while working on outcomes and end products.

Next to my work in the Research Station I teach in and develop for the Master Design. Doing design research via a self-formulated design question is the core of this master’s curriculum. I teach in the field of Storytelling and New Practices.

Contact me for coaching and look at the Station Skills on Image, Keywords, Research Blog, Documenting Research.