Ivan Henriques

Ivan Henriques is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher working in multimedia installations examining systems. He explores in his works hybrids of living and non-living systems creating novel approaches to investigate endangered and inhospitable ecosystems. Throughout his works he develops ways to enhance the communication between humans, other living organisms and the environment. He considers nature as inspiration and a necessary drive for the development of the technological world. Henriques is the founder of interdisciplinary research groups Hybrid Forms Lab and the mobile residency program EME – Experimental Mobile Studio (both since 2008). His works are part of relevant media art collections and has exhibited internationally, participating in festivals, residencies and talks. 

Ivan Henriques has been developing together with the research team the Living Stations (LS) concept, which is built on the existing stations at WDKA. The following LS are in development: Rooftop Garden, Energy and Water Fieldlab; Biolab; Trashbunker & Website. Henriques has started with his colleagues the LS website where he writes articles, selects relevant texts and books amongst other research materials. His systematic and critical approach in Bioart and Biodesign are implemented in the Biolab. Henriques also contribute with his knowledge in biological systems and Ecoliteracy for the Rooftop Garden, the Trashbunker and further at WDKA. While he develops programs for the Water and Energy Fieldlab together with the team, he was the main tutor during the launch of the Water FieldLab in Venice 2021.