Ryan Pescatore Frisk


Ryan Pescatore Frisk is a design researcher, installation designer, curator, exhibition development and designer, visual identity developer, and designer, editorial designer, visual anthropologist, producer, interactive, broadcast, and media developer, writer, critic, co-founder, and partner of Strange Attractors Design (2001), a trans-disciplinary research studio renowned and referenced for its experimental, nonconformist perspectives and approaches to critical design practices and cultural reflection.

Ryan is a member of the Visual and Digital Cultures Research Center (ViDi) at the University of Antwerp and a research lecturer in Commercial Practices focusing on research methodologies and approaches in the areas of Branding/Visual & Material Ideologies and Context & Situatedness at WdKA in Rotterdam. As an award-winning designer and cultural anthropologist, Ryan explores how humans ‘make sense’ of the world through producing, using, and misusing our visual and material landscapes, and often in the development of literal ‘tools’ that are required to contest current realities or develop possible futures.