Teana Boston-Mammah

TEANA BOSTON-MAMMAH is a sociologist. She worked as a sociology teacher in tertiary education in London for ten years, after gaining her bachelor degree from Essex University. She then moved to The Netherlands, to study Women’s Studies at Utrecht University. After this, she worked in Rotterdam for diverse foundations: Scala, expertise Centre for Emancipation & Diversity, Formaat – Workplace for Participative Drama, and Het Peutercollege – pilot project for pre-school education.

Teana completed her Masters in Urban Studies and Policy at Erasmus University in 2012 and has published an article based on her research on women and social contact in Afrikaanderwijk. Since 2014 she has been working at Rotterdam University, as a researcher and teacher at the Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA). She has subsequently published an article based on her research into admissions practices at the WdKA. Her areas of interest are found at the intersection of discourses on gender, race and class, which she teaches in the Social Practice Cultural Diversity.

“NOT GETTING IT”: a study of diversity and inclusion in higher art and design education in the Netherlands is the title of her PhD research.