Painting with Bulldozers

Marker Wadden

Project details

  • Michelle Kasprzak
  • Partners

    Creating 010

    Project Leader
  • Michelle Kasprzak
  • Funding Program

    Hogeschool Postdoctoral Research Vouchers

    ActionPapers, curriculum development
    DurationSeptember 2022 – September 2024
    Affiliated activities

    Art, design, and adaptive governance: the case of the Marker Wadden

    This postdoctoral research project proposes to observe and chronicle the unique properties of the Marker Wadden as an exemplar industrial and creative collaboration, and a case of adaptive governance (IJff et al., 2020). The Marker Wadden project is the newest parcel of man-made Dutch land. Researching the Marker Wadden as a case study of exemplar government-industry collaboration incorporating elements in the form of landscape architecture and design is novel and academic studies of it will add to the existing literature on industrial innovation and creative interventions into landscape (from artists’ experiments with Land Art to the natural-appearing designs of the Marker Wadden). This postdoc project also examines the potential to then generate educational opportunities for students by re-imagining the aesthetics of the landscape as it evolves; understanding its potential to harbour new plant and animal ecosystems; and achieving a deeper understanding of the functionality and aesthetic of the designed forms embedded in this new man-made nature. The learnings from this successfully-launched project with its unique combination of stakeholders provides an important case study in the development of organizational and governance approaches to the industrial creation of new landscapes for the regeneration of our planet.

    Initiated by Dr. Michelle Kasprzak, WdKA

    Supervised by Dr. Peter Troxler, Creating 010