Situationer Workbook/Cookbook

Social Practices

Project details

  • Alona van Rosmalen
  • Amy Suo Wu
  • Clara Balaguer
  • Gabriel Fontana
  • Michelle Teran
  • Renée Turner 
  • Teana Boston-Mammah
  • Project Leader
  • Michelle Teran
  • DurationSeptember 2019-September 2021
    Affiliated activities
  • To Learn in Common (Which is Politics)

  • Situationer Workbook/Cookbook, edited by Michelle Teran with Johanna Monk, Teana Boston-Mammah, and Clementine Edwards, is a book in two volumes on transformative pedagogy and teaching in times of crisis. How can times of crisis – or of crises, in their many forms – inform and influence the pedagogies needed to situate ourselves in a troubled world? How can one tune in to the conditions, concerns and difficulties of these complex times, by cultivating new and necessary forms of humility, attentiveness and recognition toward other knowledges, other value systems, other frameworks of understanding? The essays, interviews, and other creative and critical interventions in this book offer a wide variety of reflections upon these fundamental questions.

    This publication connects to emergent research around transformative pedagogy in socially engaged art and art education. It comes from the impetus to go back to the drawing board, in order to imagine other possible perspectives on learning and education. It is a body of research that continually writes and enacts itself into existence, cultivated by engaged practitioners within the Willem de Kooning Academy and Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam and beyond.

    Contributors: Mariana d’Aboim Inglez Amaral Fernandes, Clara Balaguer, Jack Bardell, Dieuwke Boersma, Teana Boston-Mammah, Ingrid Commandeur, Gabriel Fontana, Eline Groen, Tamara de Groot, Sami Hammana, Jan van Heemst, Marc Herbst, Nathanja van den Heuvel, Johanna Mond, amy pickles, Alona van Rosmalen, Irina Shapiro, Michelle Teran, Renée Turner and Amy Suo Wu

    PAGES: 246
    DIMENSIONS:7.48″ × 10.24″ × 0.67″
    ISBN: 9789492308283
    IMPRINT: Publication Studio Rotterdam
    PUBLISHER: Research Centre WdKA and Publication Studio

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