Articulating (Uncertain) AI Futures of Artistic Practice: A Speculative Design and Manifesto Sprint Approach

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Simone Ashby, Julian Hanna, Alwin de Rooij, Julianne Hoekstra, Sjuul Bos


Abstract: AI is rapidly becoming enmeshed in our professional and private lives. The ubiquity of such technologies raises a host of ethical questions, value clashes, and unforeseen consequences that must be confronted. Developments such as Ai-Da and DALL-E 2 are exciting in that they present robust new capabilities in AI and creativity. However, the futures such technologies unlock are also unpredictable. Given the speed with which such technologies are emerging and becoming adopted, the need to engage target audiences to weigh in on possible AI futures is critical. Our pilot project, Artistic Process Futures and AI, seeks to explore the role and potential implications of AI technologies with artists. In this paper, we show how participatory speculative design processes might be channeled into a public statement, or manifesto, regarding possible and preferable AI futures for supporting the artistic process, and how our workshop exposed uncertainty at the core of such deliberation.

C&C ’23: Proceedings of the 15th Conference on Creativity and Cognition, June 2023, pages 312–318.