WdKA Research: A Selection of Contributions to the 15th Biennial Conference 2018

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Contributions from: Clara Balaguer, Florian Cramer, Rolf Engelen, Deanna Herst, Aldje van Meer, Vanessa Jane Phaff, Michelle Teran, and Sjoerd Westbroek.

When the Willem de Kooning Academy and Codarts University of the Arts hosted the 15th ELIA Biennial Conference: Resilience and the City: Art, Education, Urbanism in 2018, it was an ideal opportunity to share research and knowledge with over 460 delegates from art academies across Europe and beyond. The WdKA operates from the perspective that art and design research produces new forms of knowledge and practices and is a catalyst for innovation and social transformation. This publication embraces this ethos and offers a selection of conference contributions by teaching staff. Rather than being organized under a single overarching theme, it is a collection of diverse research embedded in the Social, Autonomous, and Commercial Practices, the Stations, and pedagogical projects and explorative trajectories running parallel and at times, parasitic to the curriculum.