Book presentation: Lumbung, commons and Community Art – 25-11-2023

Lumbung, commons and community art (book cover)

LocationPaviljoen …aan het Water, Brielselaan 157, 3081 AC Rotterdam
  • Florian Cramer
  • Simon Kentgens
  • Affiliated research project
  • Autonomy Lab

  • This event celebrates the publication ‘Lumbung, Commons & Community Art: a conversation on behind the scenes of documenta fifteen’ with Florian Cramer and Simon Kentgens, and introduces HumDrumPress and its commons-based publishing model and project, to the world.

    Join us for a gathering with drinks, nibbles, music, and discussion as we begin to dive into the process and practice, potentials and criticisms, of publishing as a commons.

    – A second public presentaiton of the book will take place on Sunday, 26th November at Limestone Books in Maastricht at 15.00/3pm.

    About ‘Lumbung, Commons & Community Art. A conversation on the behind-the-scenes of documenta fifteen’ by Florian Cramer & Simon Kentgens:

    Documenta fifteen was a large-scale collective experiment in creating a commons using the art system. How did its lumbung community experience it? What happened on site and behind the scenes? What went wrong, and what can we take away from it? How does documenta fifteen fit into a larger picture of collective and community-oriented art practices?

    This publication takes is base from a radio conversation between Simon Kentgens and Florian Cramer, where they together ruminated on their experiences and takeaways as peripheral participants in documenta fifteen.

    (120x190mm, 136 pages, software cover, edition of 300, 15 EUR + digital Open Access)

    About HumDrumPress:

    HumDrumPress is an experimental publishing project and expanded publishing practice that works, through collaborative means, to question the conventions of publishing. At the heart of HumDrumPress is “publishing as a commons”.

    As such, we wish to explore new, connected ways of documenting and circulating voices, ideas, and contexts, and better understand the role of “publishing and “publisher” within current political, economic, and ecological climates.

    HumDrumPress is composed of Amy Gowen (Editor and Researcher) and Wibke Bramesfeld (Graphic Designer), as well as our growing network of writers, artists, musicians, thinkers, friends, and collaborators.

    About Reading Room Rotterdam:

    Reading Room Rotterdam is a roaming library that offers an exchange of mediums of knowledge, be it through shared dinners, workshops, gardens, or text. Reading Room Rotterdam is organised, facilitated, and transformed by Marika Vandekraats, an artist and part-time librarian based in Rotterdam.