Donna Haraway’s Pet Shop

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  • ginger coons
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  • ginger coons
  • Duration3 years, January 2020 ­- January 2023
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    Donna Haraway’s Pet Shop

    In a three-year project titled “Donna Haraway’s Pet Shop: Linking theory and practice in art and design through systems oriented approaches”, ginger coons is doing research on how systems design can be used in art and design education. The increasing complexity of the problems designers and artists face means that systems should be superceding objects as the way we understand our (designed) interventions in the world. In other words, what is the value of a systems approach in design education? This question is being explored through two pilot studies: one in theory programs, and one in an elective that’s specifically about systems design. Students have been involved in this project through ginger’s systems design elective and through participation in certain theory courses. This project finishes in January 2023.


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    This postdoctoral research project proposes to observe and chronicle the unique properties of the Marker Wadden as an exemplar industrial and creative collaboration, and a case of adaptive governance.