From Commons to NFTs

Commercial Practices

Project details

  • Michelle Kasprzak
  • Partners

    Makery, Paris, France

    Aksioma, Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Dimension Plus, Taipei, Taiwan

    Project Leader
  • Michelle Kasprzak
  • Funding Program

    Art2M, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Municipality of Ljubljana

    ActionBook, online publication, conference
    DurationJanuary 2022 – December 2022
    Affiliated activities
  • From Commons to NFTs

  • From Commons to NFTs started as a series of commissioned essays on the online platform Makery. Research Lecturer Michelle Kasprzak contributed the essay “Ethical Engagement with NFTs — Impossibility or Viable Aspiration?”. The seven essays were commissioned to address the “shift in the radical imagination from abundance to scarcity, from communities to all-encompassing markets […] This situation of confusing potentiality, for the better and the worse, is the inspiration for this series of texts.”

    The essay series was then published in book form on Aksioma Press. The essays have also been translated into several languages (French, Japanese, Chinese) and re-published in print and online.

    Aksioma also hosted an international conference. The conference sessions can be re-watched online.

    Michelle Kasprzak was invited to participate in the Near Future Laboratory’s podcast to talk about her essay. Listen here.


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