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  • Michelle Kasprzak
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  • Michelle Kasprzak
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    How to communicate academic research to a broad audience? Academics often publish in journals and anthologies, but these often exist behind paywalls and require academic credentials to access. Opening up research to a wider audience is possible by using more accessible formats and platforms. For this body of research, I will examine ways I can translate some of my academic writing into shorter, more accessible pieces in the form of physical and digital zines. The zine is a vibrant form with a large global community. Several zines will be developed on focused topics emerging in my research, including but not limited to: care, maintenance, and repair; the flaws with the concepts of “design thinking”; and the concept of curating-with, a type of curatorial work which emphasizes reciprocal learning and long-term connections between practitioners and a community.


    Redefining cultural entrepreneurship theory and education

    Learning from visual artists in the Netherlands from an intersectional perspective


    Building digital 3D competences in fashion education for diversity, inclusion, and a green transition.


    ETHO (European Technical Higher Art Education Organisation) is a network of higher art education technical staff

    Painting with Bulldozers

    This postdoctoral research project proposes to observe and chronicle the unique properties of the Marker Wadden as an exemplar industrial and creative collaboration, and a case of adaptive governance.