Autonomy Lab workshop, WdKA Research Station

Project details

  • Ailie Gieseler
  • Alice Strete
  • Anika van der Meulen
  • Anna-Maria Psyllou
  • Arvand Pourabbasi
  • Carla Arcos
  • carlota garcia
  • Cristina Cochior
  • Eugi Manenti
  • Florian Cramer
  • Francis Belte
  • Julia Wilhelm
  • Lara de Poorter
  • Luna Bongers
  • Natalia Sorzano
  • Noami van Kleef
  • reinaart vanhoe
  • Sam Niehorster
  • Santiago Pinyol
  • Simon Kentgens
  • Sten Heijster
  • Weronika Zielińska-Klein
  • Yunjoo Kwak
  • Partners

    Het Nieuwe Instituut, Kunstinstituut Melly, Codarts Archival Consciousness, ArtEZ, Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid (for the overcoupling research project ACKnowledge/Artists Community Knowledge)

    Project Leader
  • Florian Cramer
  • Simon Kentgens
  • Funding Program

    NWO Nationale Wetenschapsagenda, Route Kunst

    Actionresearch into new concepts of autonomy and ways of creating it
    Duration1 year, September 2021-August 2022
    Affiliated activities
  • position paper Autonomous Practices
  • The Autonomous Fabric of Rotterdam
  • Uronto Artist Community (Bangladesh)
  • Judith Westerveld – Autonomy Lab Workshop 11-5-23
  • Timoteus Anggawan Kusno – Autonomy Lab Workshop 25-5-2023
  • Maike Hemmers – Autonomy Lab Workshop – 26-5-23
  • Karl Moubarak – Autonomy Lab Workshop – 23-5-23
  • Reassemble Lab 5: Practising Permacomputing 13-10-23 – 02-12-23
  • Workshop: How to Counter-map Autonomy and Self-organization -Iconoclasistas & WdKA Autonomy – Lab 16-11-23
  • Book presentation: Lumbung, commons and Community Art – 25-11-2023
  • Counter-Mapping Autonomy workshop #2 – 29-02-2024
  • How to Continue Self-Organization – prep workshops

  • Autonomy Lab investigates new ways of understanding and creating autonomy, particularly in multidisciplinary artist collectives and self-organizations in diverse world regions.

    Autonomy Lab included workshops with more than a dozen of artist collectives:

    • Eat Art Collective (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
    • 展銷場 Display Distribute and Autonomous-8 (Hong Kong)
    • Woodbine Collective (New York, USA)
    • BananSkolen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
    • The Bureau of Care (Athens, Greece & Rotterdam, Netherlands)
    • Amigas (Bogotá, Colombia)
    • Arahmaiani (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
    • CONSTANT (Brussels, Belgium)
    • Take-A-Way collective (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
    • Linksinhetnieuws (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    • Baan Noorg & OCAC (Nong Pho, Thailand & Taipei, Taiwan)
    • Wok the Rock (Yogyakarta, Indoensia)
    • Arts Collaboratory (international)
    • Jatiwangi art Factory (Jatiwangi, Indonesia)
    • Varia/ (international)
    • Uronto Artist Community (Bangladesh)

    Autonomy Lab also participated in documenta fifteen (Kassel, Germany, 2022) where it helped running the ‘Apamart’ of the Indonesian artist collective Jatiwangi art Factory.

    Its research findings for the period 2020-2022 have been summarized here and in this mapping:

    autonomy mapping
    (click map to enlarge)

    Autonomy Lab is part of the larger NWO research project ACKnowledge (Artists Community Knowledge) that also included the projects How to Read a Library by Archival Consciousness (Mariana Lanari & Remco van Bladel) and the project Crafted by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

    Autonomy Lab workshop, WdKA Research Station
    Workshop on ‘Mother Art’ at WdKA Research Station
    Autonomy Lab workshop by Bananskole
    Workshop on activist dancing and autonomy with BananSkole (Copenhagen)
    Lecture Bureau of Care
    Lecture by The Bureau of Care
    Apamart, co-run by Autonomy Lab, documenta fifteen, Kassel, 2022


    Matricentric feminism, critical self-organization, and autonomy

    Making Matters: Bridging Art, Design and Technology through Material Practices

    This project investigates collective practices of experimenting with material forms of critique in order to reimagine the world(s) we inhabit; practices that often exist in between contemporary art, design and technological experimentation.

    Autonomy Lab

    Autonomy Lab investigates new ways of understanding and creating autonomy, particularly in multidisciplinary artist collectives and self-organizations in diverse world regions.