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An important part of the Research Station is made up of collective activities and events, often organised by students for students. Examples are the Reading Rhythms Club, the Re:writing group, open mic nights, research interventions and exhibitions and whatever else comes to the table. 



Zoom-in is a yearly series of film portraits following a group of students with different backgrounds, who are about to graduate at the Willem de Kooning Academy.

Lexicon of research methods

The lexicon of research methods brings together methods for research in arts and design as taught and used at the WdKA.

Experimental writing

Through workshops, presentations and informal gatherings, Experimental Writing will offer space and time to find out together what writing could mean and do in the art academy.

Conversations on Educating Research

What could a learning trajectory for research look like? What are the different approaches, methods, and contexts to teaching research within the WdKA?