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ACKnowledge (Artists Community Knowledge)

Online longread containing the summaries and findings of the research project Artists Community Knowledge and its subprojects Autonomy Lab, How to Read a Library and Crafted.

Also-Space, From Hot to Something Else: How Indonesian Art Initiatives Have Reinvented Networking

This book focuses mainly on the Jakarta-based artists’ initiative ruangrupa, and to a lesser degree on a number of other Indonesian artists and initiatives, as case studies of how Indonesian artists organise and manifest themselves individually as well as collectively.

Art for (and within) a Citizen Scene & Be Water, My Friend

…connects people working within South-East-Asian contexts to share their creative practices. The book sheds light on practices in communities where collaboration is common in daily life, where art is seen not only as a self-contained profession, but also as a way of living.

Articulating (Uncertain) AI Futures of Artistic Practice: A Speculative Design and Manifesto Sprint Approach

Participatory speculative design processes may be channeled into a public statement, or manifesto, regarding possible and preferable AI futures for supporting the artistic process, allowing for the uncertainty at the core of such deliberation.

Artistic Process Futures and AI zine

Given the speed with which artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are emerging and becoming adopted, the need to engage target audiences to weigh in on possible AI futures is critical. Our project seeks to explore the role and potential implications of AI technologies with artists.

autonomy bot

An internet bot that generates truisms on autonomy. Made in Autonomy Lab, based on recurring keywords from 15 Autonomy Lab workshops.

Autonomy Lab Zine 2020-2021

A zine collectively produced by Autonomy Lab, containing transcripts of Autonomy Lab workshops and mappings of their recurring keywords.

Circle of doing research

Over the course of six months during the 21-22 fall and winter, the Research Station talked to course leaders of the majors in the Willem de Kooning Academy and made a scan of the curriculum to learn about how research is being described and taught in the academy.

Complaint: Body of Knowledge

Complaint: Body of Knowledge is the accompanying thesis to Alona van Rosmalen’s graduation project Body of Knowledge: Complaint for which she was awarded the 2019 Drempelprijs (Threshold Award).

Cookbook of Invisible Writing

‘A Cookbook of Invisible Writing’, written and designed by Amy Suo Wu, is an introduction to analog steganography, a type of secret writing that is hidden in plain sight.


FLOSS+Art critically reflects on the growing relationship between Free Software ideology, open content and digital art. It provides a view onto the social, political and economic myths and realities linked to this phenomenon.

Guide to Open Content Licenses

What is copyright? What is copyleft? How can we share culture in a world where everything has a license? Scientists, writers, designers, artists, musicians and others are increasingly interested in making their work available in ‘the public domain’.

In Search of Otherwise (A)positional Paper: Social Practices

Online mission statement co-authored with teaching staff and lectoraat Social Practices reflecting on curricula development of the study program.

learning and dreaming together through social uncertainty

The following teaching resource is a 24-hour score for a pedagogical experiment that proposes ways of learning through uncertainty and holding space collectively in uncertain times.

Making Matters: A Vocabulary for Collective Arts

Collective action often changes artists’ identities and ways of working. Artists […] take on multiple identities such as researcher, community activist, computer hacker or business consultant. 
Making Matters looks at such art practices across all continents, where the boundaries between art, design, research and activism become blurred or are dissolved.

Masters of Reality

The first collection of texts by Steve Rushton, with investigations into the conception of feedback, social control, and the culture of “self-performance.”

Methods in the Making newspaper

The very first Methods in the Making newspaper. It contains eighteen methods for arts and design research, contributed by WdKA teachers and researchers.

Post-Digital Print

This book re-reads the history of the avant-garde arts as a prehistory of cutting through the so-called dichotomy between paper and electronics. In this post-digital age, digital technology is no longer a revolutionary phenomenon but a normal part of everyday life. The mutation of music and film into bits and bytes, downloads and streams is now taken for granted. For the world of book and magazine publishing however, this transformation has only just begun.

post.pic – imageboards, tagging, tool images, visual studies. a primer by practitioners

Mostly written by practitioners, the texts in this booklet analyse the contemporary form and function of images in the context of the most recent digital media – and arrive at often unexpected conclusions.

Research for People Who (Think They) Would Rather Create

What is artistic research? What is a research document? How do these relate to the making process, invention, and creativity? What exactly is expected of me? If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, then this book is for you.

Research for People Who (Think They) Would Rather Create 1.1

Corrected and revised version of the first edition of the book.

What is artistic research? What is a research document? How do these relate to the making process, invention, and creativity? What exactly is expected of me? If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, then this book is for you.

Situationer Workbook/Cookbook

Situationer Workbook/Cookbook, edited by Michelle Teran with Johanna Monk, Teana Boston-Mammah, and Clementine Edwards, is a book in two volumes on transformative pedagogy and teaching in times of crisis.

Sniff, Scrape, Crawel… {On Privacy, Surveillance and Our Shadowy Data-Double}

Where once surveillance technologies were associated with the government and military, the web has fostered a participatory and less optically driven means of monitoring and monetizing our lived experiences. This book explores current debates on privacy and surveillance in the digital age.

Software Studies

A cultural field guide to software: artists, computer scientists, designers, cultural theorists, programmers, and others define a new field of study and practice.

The Autonomous Fabric of Rotterdam

Experimental mapping and topical search engine of artist-run, self-organized, DIY spaces and initiatives in Rotterdam, accompanied by critical essays on autonomy and self-organization.

This Naked Incident

A deep dive in search of the place that ‘masculinity’ holds in the lives of young people today.

WdKA Makes a Difference

What makes a truly inclusive and diverse art school? This was one of the main questions, that brought this project into being.

WdKA Research: A Selection of Contributions to the 15th Biennial Conference 2018

This publication offer a selection of contributions to the 15th ELIA Biennial Conference in 2018 by teaching and research staff.

Words Made Flesh. Code, Culture, Imagination

A small cultural history of imaginative computation, reconstructing both the obsessive persistence and contradictory mutations of the phantasm that symbols turn physical.