Laurence Rassel and Selma Bellal – Promiscuous Infrastructures 13-10-2023

Social Practices


LocationWillem de Kooning Academy  (WH.03.155) Wijnhaven 61, 3011 WJ Rotterdam
  • Carmen José
  • Judith Leijdekkers
  • Julia Wilhelm
  • Kari Robertson
  • Michelle Teran
  • Pablo Lerma
  • Renée Turner 
  • Seecum Cheung
  • Skye Maule-O’Brien
  • Vivian Sky Rehberg 
  • Affiliated research project
  • Promiscuous Care Study Group

  • Decompartmentalize to prevent isolation, or how conflict can serve to recreate ties

    A conversation devoted to care infrastructure and the potential for systemic change within art and design education, research, and administration.

    Friday 13thOctober 2023 12.30 – 13.30
    Willem de Kooning Academy  (WH.03.155)
    Wijnhaven 61, 3011 WJ Rotterdam
    Free to attend and open to anyone

    Laurence Rassel and Selma Bellal will share insights from their experience collectively reshaping artistic research, pedagogy, and educational policy at erg (école de recherche graphique) in Brussels. Vivian Sky Rehberg will moderate.

    Selma Bellal is quality coordinator at erg (école de recherche graphique) in Brussels. Trained in political science, Selma Bellal is interested in transformations of notions of equality and progress, and the mechanisms involved in the social construction of legitimate speech and legitimate violence.
    Laurence Rassel is director of erg (ecole de recherche graphique) in Brussels. Trained in the visual arts, pedagogy, and the management of arts institutions, from 2008 to 2015 she was Director of Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona, an institution created in 1984 by the artist Antoni Tàpies to promote the study and knowledge of modern and contemporary art. From 1997 to 2008, Rassel was a member of Constant, a non-profit association and interdisciplinary arts-lab based and active in Brussels in the fields of art, media and technology.

    Selma Bellal and Laurence Rassel’s conversation is part of Promiscuous Infrastructures, a public seminar series on caring infrastructures and pedagogies of care. Promiscuous Infrastructures is programmed by the Promiscuous Care Study Group together with external partners Reading Room Rotterdam and TENT.

    Hosted by the Social Practices research program at WdKA Research Center, the Promiscuous Care Study Group gathers under the aegis of study using individual and collective care practices as sites of inquiry. 


    New publication: Promiscuous Infrastructures: Practicing Care

    The title “Promiscuous Infrastructures: Practicing Care” is published by the Promiscuous Care Study Group. Title launch on 17th May, 2024 at kiosk, rotterdam

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    New publication: Utterances: Composing a Care-Informed Research Practice in the Cracks 

    Announcing the launch of two books at Kiosk Rotterdam on Friday, May 17th, 2024, 19.00. Plus: dedicated workshop on Sunday 19th, at Kiosk.

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